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monday, monday
April 8, 2009, 11:26 am
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Monday I took my first sick day in four years of working for my coffee shop. My voice was shot – I could barely creak out a “hello” – but otherwise I was fine. So I took advantage of freedom and sunshine and had a nice little day.



An old friend (who is moving back to town this week!) took me out for toast and cappuccinos at Pizzaiolo. He had giant slices of squishy white bread with orange-apricot marmalade while I sipped my americano and eyed the pumpkin-squash donuts and fresh frittatas. Note to self: do not eat breakfast early. Ever. You never know who will kidnap you at ten o’clock. 

After our walks around Temescal and Piedmont (always with coffee in hand, which is part of the reason I love this boy), I headed over to Berkeley for some galavanting with my philosopher. We sat in the sun in his new front yard and argued over intellectual copyright laws and Baudrillard’s theories of mediation. What a way to pass an afternoon.


Later it was off to Cato’s for ladies’ night, where we talked David Foster Wallace and the author’s role in literary creation. Despite my scratchy voice, I had some of the best conversations I’ve had in weeks.


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What a pleasant surprise to realize that not only did I have your blog saved to my reader ( I never thought to look at this mysteriously named blog: why are monsters fighting? They should stick together against the forces of humanity), it’s MY FACE. I am going to seriously rely on this blog for my Devon fix this next couple months, so like feel the pressure and stuff of updating it. PRESSURE!!! That and be a happy grad student!

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