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May 3, 2009, 12:14 pm
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Often I find myself without an appetite. I feel hunger but I don’t crave food, and eating is a chore. It seems like such a simple problem with such an easy solution, but it’s actually quite hard to just sit down and eat when food seems so unappealing. I’ve found that the best remedy for this situation is a bowl of fresh vegetables and whole grains – foods that fill me up and make me feel like eating is really worth my time.

I’m a baker, not a cook. I feel comfortable with cakes and cookies, swapping out flours and throwing in a little extra sugar, a little less shortening, a pinch of this or that. When I cook, I try to do as little as possible. A mere glance at the spice cabinet can send my meal into a downward spiral of conflicting flavors and angry tastebuds. Enter The Saucy Vegetarian, a book of simple, no-cook, vegan sauces that add a hint of flavor without overpowering the veggies underneath. This book is ushering me into the kitchen at dinner time and holding my hand as I learn the very basics of, well, food.


I started with broccoli florets and sweet potato spears. I am on a big sweet potato kick lately. Something about the weather – grey and muggy one day, sunny and windy the next. Sweet potatoes feel right whether it’s hot or cold.


Throw in some Trader Joe’s frozen brown rice, which comes out perfect every single time (and these days, as I wait to move in to an apartment with a rice cooker, this stuff is vital to my existence). Then blend up some white beans, lemon juice, olive oil, garlic, water, and a bit of salt – and even with this, my first venture into cooking, I strayed from the recipe and it came out great!


I couldn’t let the veggies cool too much, since the sauce was room temperature, so I kind of had to hurry to get it all together and keep it warm. I could see myself heating this stuff up to drizzle over leftovers on a chilly afternoon. Mmm. All together, the meal took about half an hour, and it was absolutely perfect. Fresh, flavorful, and filling.


Best enjoyed by the window on a foggy day.


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that looks so tasty!

Comment by ashley

it was!

Comment by bw

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