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August 23, 2009, 10:47 am
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This is what’s left of my stash. It’s not much, but lately it has felt like a great weight. I thought having a small stash would make it easier to use my yarn up quickly, but it has actually been quite difficult to find uses for these little balls of color. 

My original stash-busting method was just to knit a giant garter-stitch scarf. When I hit the length I wanted, I knitted one extra square on each end to fold into pockets. I’m sure this rainbow scarf, over six feet long and with fourteen colors, looks a little ridiculous wrapped thrice around my neck, but its soft squishiness gives me such joy that I don’t much care what I look like.

After my garter scarf used up so much of my yarn, I was left the task of finding smaller projects. Cosy Cornelius-Bates’ Scrap Happy Celebration Hat has been a perfect fit for my dwindling stash, but I am rapidly running out of color combinations that would not look inappropriate on those over the age of six.

These coin purses from Leigh Radford’s AlterKnits Felt are quite addictive and I knocked out several in an evening, but when I realized that I would have to sew zippers into each one, my momentum mysteriously left me. I do love the felting, but I’m not so good at the hand sewing, and I’ll have to buy thread to finish these! Anyway I’m not sure how many more solid colored coin purses I can make, and I’m not a fan of felted stripes.

Floret 3

So what else can I do? I love this Posey Pincushion from Kris Knits – maybe I’ll make some for the local knitters at stitch and bitch to bribe them into loving me!


I also have a few great patterns from Hansigurumi for little garden and sea creatures – snails, slugs, hermit crabs – that I would love to finally knit up. I just finished two toys in one week, and I think I’m on a sewing-together-and-end-weaving-in roll.


And then there are always coffee sleeves, like this lovely one from MK Carroll that I made a cotton version of a few years back. There are actually no cables in this pattern, and I really enjoyed the smocking!

It seems like there is so much potential, but when I look at all these teeny tiny balls of yarn, all that comes to mind is how desperately I want to knit a sweater! Sigh.


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If you’re not averse to learning to crochet, I’ve found that granny squares for an eventual afghan are a great stash buster.

Comment by Lauren

you are such an excellent kniter. i wish i was more talented in the ways of the needle!

Comment by electricversion

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