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how to stay warm in the winter
October 17, 2009, 5:29 pm
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It’s only October and my first Rhode Island winter is off to a bad start. We’ve had weather in the 30’s and 40’s, which means I’ve been tromping around our heat-free apartment in hats, sweaters, and a minimum of two pairs each of socks, gloves, and pants. Despite today’s comparable heat wave (high of 51!) I didn’t feel up for much outdoor activity, but I did manage to make it a whole four blocks from my house to Acme Video, and I’m glad I did, because for the bargain price of two dollars, I picked up a local zine filled with tips for how to stay warm during a brutal, loneliness-inducing, finger-reddening east coast winter.

I’m still digesting all my new helpful information (insulate! sit up straight! don’t wear toe socks!) but in the meantime, here’s how I’m keeping warm on my Saturday night: a cheap bottle of wine, a stack of New Yorkers, a Pasolini film, some light reading, and my very first sweater project. Details on the knitting will come, once my mental time is a little bit more my own. For now, I’m off to weigh the joys of freshly-baked brownies and oven-heat against the burden of post-brownie dishwashing. Dilemma.


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that zine is excellent! i haven’t turned my heat on in three or four years, and i would offer you some tips on staying warm, but really almost anything i have tried is in that zine, so you’re in good hands!

Comment by chelsea

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