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what’s up, february?
February 18, 2010, 10:29 pm
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I’ve been away for a few weeks, fighting a losing battle with an academic program that should be making my entire life’s dream come true. And now I’m having one of those days where I wave at a friend and spill my coffee all over myself, I reach for a bag of beans from the pantry and all the beans fall on my head, and I open my mouth to answer a question in class and a whole bunch of nothing comes out. So I thought I’d come home and do a bit of time-wasting to make myself feel better. I need some love. Knitting helps. Writing about knitting helps. Watching a really bad IFC movie while writing about knitting helps. Oh, and the glass of wine for dinner. That helps too.

First up: SOCKS. I don’t know why, but these days I’m sock crazy. I’ve been working diligently on clearing out my sock stash, first with the barn raiser quilt and now with this leftover socks pattern. I’m astounded at how much yardage those little golf-ball-sized balls actually contain – I hardly thought the leftover yarn from my laminaria would make one sock, let alone two. But here they are, and they’re fabulous. I actually made them too big for my own feet, which means that I can layer them over another pair of socks on particularly blustery days, but I’m not sure what I’m going to do when springtime rolls around. Hang them on my wall?

My absolute favorite part about these weird little ankle socks is that I ran out of the toe yarn right at the end of my project and had to darn them with a scrap of grey yarn and, well, it just looks so weird and endearing and Frankensteinian. Also, for some reason I’ve decided that the grey-toed sock is the right sock, and I can’t bear to wear it on my left foot. I tried, I failed. Weird? I identify myself as more of a left-brained person, but this ridiculous quiz tells me I’m 50-50, so maybe this is a sign that I’m turning into a right-brainer. Art school, here I come.

I’ve got a few balls of yarn that are too big for scrappy socks, so I decided to make a bunch of pairs of monkey socks. Granted, that’s a bit of a claim to make when I’m still on my first pair, but the pattern’s so easy to memorize and works so well with variegated yarn, I feel confident that my optimistic “bunch” will materialize. This koigu has been sitting in a basket since 2008 when I desperately wanted it to be a striped chevron scarf. The colors just weren’t happening, and for a while I couldn’t bear the painful memories these two skeins brought back to me. But I’m quite liking them as socks. Silver lining, two years later.

I finished a pair of Christmas-gift socks back in January, and I’ve yet to show them off. They’re a simple slipped-rib pattern, a free pattern from Knit*Six, and they make a really lovely fabric. The Trekking yarn is this sort of shiny blue-grey, perfect for BW, and the pattern showed up quite well. Also, for some reason, knitting with the really thin wool/bamboo combo felt like not knitting at all – the yarn was delightfully easy on my overworked hands and the pattern was delightfully easy on my overstuffed brain. But, again, my favorite part of this project is the weird toes.

I ran out of yarn again and ended up with a two-toned toe. I’m really starting to like these fraternal twins I’ve been making. They have a sense of personality, and it’s nice to be able to tell them apart. I’m sure they appreciate it.

Finally, to get away from the feet, a hat. I made my roommate a beret with a giant pom pom for Christmas and I’ve been seriously coveting it ever since. The weather’s been doing its chilly slushy-snow-type thing, so I decided I needed a Berroco alpaca beret of my own. I knitted it up while watching The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi, taking breaks only to fill my water glass and throw my two cents into an internet debate on Vader vs. Boba Fett. The debate is ongoing, the hat is finished. I’ve worn it every day for the last two weeks because, even though it’s way too big for me, I love it. I love all of my socks, I love my hat, I love knitting.

And I love my dear sweet college-friend-turned-pen-pal for sending me the best Valentine’s Day card ever, which is on proud display in the center of my room. I love it. And gee, after all that knitting love, I really do feel better.


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I really really like the yarn you’re using for those monkey socks. Also, the pom pom, which is not fully showcased in that picture.

Comment by BW Diederich

I miss you terribly and wish I could sit with you and knit and watch bad movies and drink the night away.

Comment by ashley

that sounds wonderful. i really hope we see each other this summer.

Comment by devon

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