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getting over, getting out
April 24, 2010, 5:25 pm
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Boxes are packed, furniture is sold. Forget that I still have a month to live here, I am apparently anxious for change. For good measure, I chopped off my hair and quit smoking. I have also been stash-busting like a madwoman, and not just yarn! I have used up almost all the oils, spices and grains in my pantry! I have powered through nail polishes and perfumes! But the yarn-using, that is more fun to look at.

I finished my “bath” mat. It is enormous. I love it. It is so squishy and cushy and purple, and it totally used to be sheets. I can’t believe how fast I finished this – five days of knitting, two seasons of NewsRadio, done. I think that means there must be something wrong with me. We already have a bath mat, and this thing is actually too big to fit anywhere in my room, so it has been put away for now. But, when I pulled it back out for a photoshoot, I  was reminded of its squishy cushy purple wonderfulness and started to consider other uses – maybe after I pack my bed into storage, I can sleep on this thing?

As my other very exciting stash-busting project, I am proud to present my first toe-up socks. The whole time I was working on them, I kept thinking of the scene in “Clueless” where Ty first shows up: “Cher, she is toe-up. Our stock would plummet.” I knit them out of some taupe Crystal Palace Maizy yarn that I bought a billion years ago, and some leftover rainbow colored yarn that I was given at a knitting night back in August. The rainbow yarn was meant to go into my barn-raising quilt, but it just didn’t work. So rainbow striped socks were in order. Toe-up socks are not hard at all! I had to futz with the toes a bit, and I worry about the strength of the heel flap, but this was a great experience. I think the best part was knowing that I had enough yarn to just keep going and going, almost all the way up to my knees. These socks will peek out over my boots! I love that! I think I’m ready to follow a pattern now.

Research? Paper-writing? Well, those will happen eventually, I’m sure. More importantly, I have empty boxes left, and unknit yarn, and stupid tv shows to watch.


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Those socks are amazing! Also, I insist that we have a weekend brunch at Julian’s or Liberty Elm or something before you leave. I’d love to hear the highlights of your year in PVD and talk about knitting and school and other adventures. I’m coming out from under my rock, and we should definitely have some kind of food treats.

Comment by chelsea

hi! yes. brunch. sometime between may 20th and may 25th. or maybe we could arrange for an afternoon of knitting, drinking, and chatting? i am very curious about your grad school plans and also very anxious to drink beer in the sun.

Comment by devon

[…] of the last two years, I have managed to finish only three DIY projects: an origami crane mobile, a knitted bath mat, and a cardboard tube wall sculpture of which I am quite […]

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