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how i spent my summer vacation (week two)
June 8, 2010, 5:59 pm
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a few days back in oakland and i’m already in love again. i drove up to see why? with bw at the new parish, a new-to-me venue that was super awesome except for the fact that they leave the patio doors open and we came home reeking of cigarettes. the show was fantastic, with lots of singalongs. if you can make it to see themselves on thursday you should go. i was originally planning to stay for twelve hours, afraid that if i didn’t leave immediately i would never muster up the strength to make it back to my family in southern california, but tragedy struck and i stayed a bit longer so that i could say goodbye. in the meantime there were drinks at park ave and the grand tavern, karaoke at cato’s, front yard bbqs and a game of kickball, street parties, vegan dinners, and friendsfriendsfriends. unfortunately i took pictures of nothing but art murmur, so art murmur is what you get for this week. i went by myself (a VERY new thing for me) and ran into people i knew, met bands, chatted with strangers, and had a generally phenomenal time. i’m hoping to be back for the next one, on 7/2. i am also looking for something fantastic to do on the fourth of july…but one plan at a time is the most i can currently hold in my head.

art murmur has music, food, and, of course, art, but most important at art murmur is the awesome shit. for example, a sewing machine powered by bicycle.

other, more creative, awesome shit includes button making with church of craft (and why the hell do we not have a providence branch of c.o.c.? can we please make that happen?) and a game of “abstract chess” that seemed to basically amount to a competition between line drawings. but i have never understood chess, so don’t take my word.

these girls, waste band, played folk music next to a taco truck. they were very sweet. also, their web address is, which makes me laugh. this drumline morphed throughout the evening into drum circle and, at one point, acapella chorus. i’m pretty sure.

a noise band, primary colors, was playing in the front window of mama buzz, and the lead singer rolled around in black paint the ENTIRE TIME. they were, surprisingly, pretty great, and they had some devoted dancers. the one man band did not smile the entire time i watched him. he seemed pretty unsure about life.

there is also, of course, ART at art murmur, but most of it is…well…you know.

people usually cap off art murmur with the burlesque show at stork club, and spread out along that block were vegan ice cream sandwiches and bacon s’mores, literally side by side. i don’t think you can find this juxtaposition anywhere else – or at least, not in such peaceful conjunction. oakland is the best place ever.

this week also featured babysitting and cat-proximity and oh, how desperately i want my own little vulnerable things to chase around and cuddle with and take care of. preferably ones that don’t scream at me when they wake up from their afternoon naps.


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