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venice beach
June 17, 2010, 11:31 pm
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i’m no longer able to keep track of days, weeks, thoughts, activities, or photos. but i do know we went to venice today. from the amount of time i’ve spent dancing, drinking, and driving around l.a. in the past week, you’d never know how much i hate lost angeles!

when i was in high school, my friends instilled within me an intense fear of the 1 freeway. now that i’ve finally experienced it for myself, i can tell you all that the picturesqueness vastly outweighs the death-defyingness.

i’m suddenly very into watching skateboarding. i don’t know any of the terminology and i’ll never be able to do it for myself, but damn, i could’ve stood there for an hour watching dudes fall down.

venice beach features a teeny tiny graffiti area (including graffiti on the ground, which i dubbed grafeeti).

there are also incredibly artistic, awe-inspiring sculptures.

and rollerbladers! i only caught the back of electric-guitar-playing purple-turban-wearing rollerblade guy. my cousin tells me he is famous. famous in my heart, maybe.

there are also wolf-covered condos, fern roses, angry castle-building men, and sand sculptures not on the sand. whoa, bro.

we were losing steam toward the end of the day, so no bikini paddle-renting for us. just a quiet trip past eighteen million palm trees.

and the best end to any california day trip, falling asleep in the backseat to this soothing image:

ahh, home.


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