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July 5, 2010, 8:50 pm
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You guys, I can’t document my summer vacation. I tried. I know when I get back to Providence people are going to ask me what I did this summer, and since I have no epic adventures or marathon challenges in the mix, it’s going to be a difficult question to answer. I thought if I wrote down all my summer stories in weekly recaps, I’d be able to fully represent my west coast summer in all its awesome sunshiney glory. But I have failed. There is too much. There has been family time and old friend time and wedding time and lots and lots of dancing. There have been fairs and art openings and shows in busses, vegan fast food and red pepper ice cream. There has also been an unbelievable stroke of I can’t even say it out loud that featured picnics and wine in coffee mugs and music and movies and curbs and bubbles. Oh, there has been knitting, too.

Luckily, I think my last five weeks will give me lots to report. There will be shows, including au revoir simone / social studies, peter and the wolf / the shivers / kelli scarr, and phosphorescent / j. tillman, which are all very quietly exciting. There will also be time for a renegade craft fair (now with vegan food!), several bouts of kickball, some street cinema, some cult induction, and yarn visitation of all kinds. And, like always, there will be girls nights, farmer’s markets, books and coffee, beer and barefootness. And if I never get a chance to write it all down for you, well, maybe it’s for the best, because how do you leave a summer like this behind?


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