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July 18, 2010, 6:13 pm
Filed under: food

Ladies and gentlemen, Cinnaholic has opened. Gourmet, customizable cinnamon rolls, one hundred percent vegan. It is a happy, joyous occasion, apparently worth creaming your culinary pants over. BW had tried a few of their offerings at the East Bay Vegan Bake Sale and was pretty excited, so we headed over to Berkeley yesterday for their grand opening. Congratulations, Cinnaholic, you guys have done a wonderful thing.

Normally you can choose from an array of frostings, fruits, nuts, and toppings to make your own perfect pastry, but for their big day they had a bunch  of premade rolls for customizable sampler packs. I am astonished that we could hold off devouring these babies long enough for me to snap a couple of phone pictures. I think they were gone five minutes after we sat down.

BW opted for strawberry, blackberry, banana nut, and apple pie. I had strawberry, lemon, and apple apple apple apple pie. Oh my god, the apple pie. It could give a broken man a reason to live again. This place is going to be so bad for my waistline and so so good for my mental health and general quality of life. I’m almost glad I’m moving away, because I think if I continued to live in the bay area I would never eat anything else again. Except that Saturn Cafe, a vegetarian space-age diner, has just opened a branch a few doors down from Cinnaholic, right across the street from the veg-friendly Gather and a few blocks from perennial favorite Herbivore. Food, you guys! There is so much food!


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