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July 29, 2010, 7:03 pm
Filed under: knitting

So apparently, thinking a lot about writing a blog post doesn’t actually amount to writing a blog post. Dammit. Do you think that means I also have not been translating Spanish articles or paying my phone bill? Because I have been thinking a lot about doing those things, too. I have spent so many days lost in knitting bliss, I have completely forgotten to report on what I’m working on! This week I finished my first official bonafied laceweight shawl. I knit a Swallowtail Shawl (pdf) in Malabrigo Lace, and to keep things from getting too traditional, I knit it in hot pink. My pictures all came out a little faded, but this one is closest to the real color:

Oof! That’s a lot of pink. It really pops against dark neutrals, and that’s my Providence winter wardrobe: black black black, grey grey grey. Usually blah. But now it will be blahsome. (Blawesome? Blah-wesome? How do I put those words together to convey the transformation from blah to awesome? Blah-ha-hawesome? Maybe I should give up this fight. The California sun has fried my brain.)

This shawl was shockingly addictive. I could not stop knitting! I loved seeing the pattern emerge, and even the nupps were close to what I would call enjoyable (a masochistic kind of enjoyment, but still nice). By the end I had something like 350 stitches, yet I was still raring through those purl rows. I feel like this shawl just poured itself off of my needles. I did take a three-day break due to an I’m-missing-four-stitches-and-I’m-watching-a-film-in-Danish-and-I-can’t-handle-both-of-those-experiences-at-once-so-I-am-going-to-bury-my-knitting-and-cry-inside fiasco, but it worked out okay. Since I did 19 repeats of the leaf lace (rather than the called-for 14) I had to make up the difference when I transitioned from a 10-stitch to an 8-stitch repeat. All explained here by the lovely and talented mintyfresh. Somehow, simple math laws just cannot compute when you’re looking at a face like this.

But all is well, and I have my extra-large, super soft PINK shawl done in time for my return to 87 degree weather with 70% humidity. Good thing I’ve got another couple of weeks of foggy mornings and chilly nights, because I’ve got two more sweaters on the needles! I’ve also got a full skein of this yarn left. Despite the larger sized shawl, I only dipped about 30 yards into my second skein while casting off. Which means I can sell it for money, trade it for sock scraps, or make another PINK shawl for a lucky friend. I’m happy. Do you see how happy?


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