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February 11, 2011, 11:55 pm
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Today has been one of my favorite days-to-mark ever since middle school (which feels like only three or four years ago, but is actually much further away than that! Aging!). In 7th grade, my lanky hypochondriac English teacher made a big deal about a slew of simultaneous birthdays by standing at the front of the classroom and shouting “oooh-eeeee-oooh-eeeee-oooh-eee! Febeleven febeleven!” He also put newspaper on carseats and wore only khaki and would close his eyes and make hand gestures when he spoke to students and was rumored to be covered neck to knee in tattoos. There are certain people in the world who are very specifically different from other people in the world from having experienced him as their middle school English teacher.

This week I said goodbye to a friend, and was sad, and did things in Providence.


2.05: as220 for art, cookies and a really really free market.

2.06: working, walking, wistful, watching hand-holders.

2.07: hungry on my way to class, i see a sandwich. on a snowbank. CONFLICT.

2.08: conjuring mist and deferring farewells

2.09: appropriate question on the way to the memory of decay show at cable car.

2.10: drinking sauvignon blanc and knitting at the table makes me a “sixty-year-old woman.” i’ll take it.

2.11: I believe this is Friday, answering Wednesday.


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