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February 24, 2011, 10:41 am
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Late. These are late. Everything in my life is running late. I lagged on this week because I was not proud of this week. It started and ended with drinking, and in between there was very little. I did have a rewarding experience with KANT, and I know I went to some classes, and I think I saw friends and drank coffee with them, and I occasionally slept. Somewhere in there was a love-based holiday that I spent baking and knitting and watching a movie about white lynching that featured some very good facial expressions. Then there was a day spent in defense of poetry. I also had my first really rewarding teacher-moment on Friday, and I swelled with pride and joy. But several hours later I was…ah, drinking. Well done, me.

On the plus side, KANT and I are getting along swimmingly. Especially because this large-headed aesthetician is an endless supply of my favorite thing, puns. “I KANT finish my thought.” “Don’t be so KANTrary.” “Aren’t we taking this out of KANText?” Endless. Joy.


2.12: Ping pong.

2.13: I uncovered an old friend at this bakery, so I took a picture of nothing. Then, a walk.

2.14: Vanilla-Raspberry cupcakes for Craft Night. And, Napa-love.

2.15: KANT says that “many things may be charming and agreeable to a man; no one cares about that.” Also, quilt-progress.

2.16: Despite appearances, I did leave the house for class and a lunch-meeting and more class and a drink-meeting, but I am finding it hard to document things that don’t seem worth documenting, or situations that would be uncomfortable being documented. Situations have feelings, too, you know.

2.17: By Thursday each week I am beat. Proof.

2.18: Commence, partees.


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