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March 13, 2011, 10:35 pm
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This week I came close to giving up my photo project. My academic life is ridiculously full right now, and I have been spending long hours inside, not moving, in complete silence, alternately reading and freaking the eff out. When I did venture out of the office, I was too exhausted and irritated to be very inspired by my environment. At dinners, at parties, on coffee runs, even on long walks I kept finding myself without my camera. But I’m glad I pushed through – while I may not be progressing (in fact, this week I think I’ve regressed) as a photographer, I am getting a kick out of the documentation aspect of this project. It’s nice to have something to show for each day. And some days I get busy and overwhelmed and work hard and forget to see what’s around me, and I need to remember those days, so that I can remember to see differently.


3.5: The amazing and not-done-justice-by-this-terrible-blurry-picture Creature Show from Big Nazo labs.

3.6: We failed at the French film festival, so grabbed a glass of wine and watched friends dine in front of some rather apologetic sea creatures.

3.7: With all my books kept safely in my office, my actual book-bag is just…knitting projects.

3.8: Graffiti plot twist. Relatedly, I now have a committee chair.

3.09: Got up early with my silly nails, stayed up late waiting for a stranger.

3.10: Putting jewels (handmade clay necklace things) away (on a bulletin board).


3.11: After an exhausting three days of teaching and conferencing and seminar-ing and department-ing, I spent my Friday night under a blanket reading The Great Gatsby cover to cover. What comfort. All my notes from junior year of high school are very sweetly intact.


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but daily photo project sustains me, devon. you wouldn’t want to be UNSUSTAINABLE now would you?! Accusatory finger!

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ps i like your nails

Comment by s

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