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September 17, 2009, 6:48 pm
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I dropped in on an art show tonight at Waste Not Want Not, in downtown Providence.

I arrived a fashionable hour late, but only a few people had arrived.

There were, however, cupcakes!

The show, “AS IS,” consisted of work made from found objects and salvaged materials.

The work was done as part of a class at Steelyard, and eight students contributed work.

The show took up only a small corner of the shop, so I wandered around a bit.

Waste Not Want Not is a non-profit thrift store, which also sells the work of independent artists.

This is the yarn corner, a source for Knit and Natter crafters.

The store also has some works perpetually on display, as well as a small open workspace in the back.

AS IS didn’t really pick up, so I walked across the street to my new very favorite shop, Craftland.

Part gallery, part quirky store, Craftland celebrates all things handmade. I’ve been describing this place as an Etsy you can walk around in.

Apparently Craftland began as a holiday craft fair and has only recently evolved into a full-time year-round storefront.

In fact, they’re having a grand opening “hoo-ha, fete, celebration, whatever you call it” tomorrow from 5-9 pm, with music and drinks and prizes and a pinata!

Walking home, I saw these koi fish vases I’ve been eyeing over at…

…and this lovely flower. On a trash can.


foo fest in photos
August 16, 2009, 12:33 pm
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So Foo Fest was a big ball of music, politics, art projects, and Providence Pride. I’m glad to have had such an enjoyable, jam-packed street fair as my introduction to this city.

The zine-factory bus, where everyone got a chance to contribute to a zine that was published and handed out at the end of the day.

Free screen printing, courtesy of the AS220 community printshop.

John Olmstead’s kinetic human-powered water fountain

Mini-golf provided by Wooly Productions.

Unidentifiable fluffy stuff amid all the kids games.

Sculpture by Will Reeves, who put together sixty silver fitness balls with polypropelyne cord for a massive, mobile, interactive art project.


Umberto Crenca’s Exquisite Corpse project, which invited people to paint one third of a body and then assembled them in Frankenstein-type final portraits.


Junk-mail hat-making with Alyn Carlson.

Make your own video game controller, with AS220 Labs.

This guy was dressed up as his production company’s logo, but I didn’t hear him tell anyone his company’s name or m.o. Still, he was fun to follow around.

Deer Tick played an amazing set as the sun began to fall.

They were the surprise special guest, and John apologized for that before they began to play. I don’t think anyone was disappointed. The crowd was super supportive of this hometown country band.

Especially when they brought a couple of special surprise guest guests onstage.

Do you see the people on the roof?

And the movie playing on the wall?

Made in Mexico played next, and not since The Kills have I seen someone so dynamic onstage.

Another amazing set.

Me, the band, and the rabbit man. Just another Saturday.

I came home with big plans to get involved in the printshop.

I picked up this barely-used copy of Lusitania, which it turns out is from 1992!

I also brought home my awesome screen-printed shirt. I just happened to have a spare plain tee in my bag. The back has the AS220 logo in green but the front, as you can see, was a big fat failure. The skyscraper-pen print, which should’ve taken thirty minutes to dry, had apparently not dried when I wadded it up and stuffed it in my bag three hours later.

So now I’m off to find out whether fabric paint can be removed, and if so, to very carefully tend to my first screenprinting project ever!