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in which I crochet
August 29, 2009, 9:23 am
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The other night, at the knit night downstairs, we were talking about crochet. I piped up: “I’d love to crochet, but I can’t read the patterns. I just end up single crocheting row after row of a big rectangular lump that I can’t turn into anything, and it’s really frustrating.” The crocheters in the group looked crestfallen, and rightly so. I mean, if I heard a knitter say the same thing, I know my heart would sink a little. When I got home, I got to thinking. Why do I need a pattern to crochet? No one is sitting here watching me mess around with my crafting, I don’t have to answer to some sort of crochet overlord, so what difference does it make if I know the language, the stitches, the precise way to turn a corner (or whatever you call it)? Isn’t it more important that I learn to do something I know I’ll love, even if I end up with a method that’s not quite normal?  I’ve obsessively sought out knitting patterns for the simplest things, and I really haven’t seen any advantage to that strategy. In fact most of the time I ended up restricted by my pattern, tied to something I wasn’t sure I wanted when I knew I could do something just as good myself. So I’ve decided my approach to crochet will be a little more free form. It’s good to let yourself follow your instincts, right?

Last night I had a dream about a college acquaintance I never quite meshed with. In the dream she walked up to me and said, “You know I really hate you, right?” Instead of engaging with her, I just turned and walked away. Look at me growing up all over the place.

Then again, each time I reach for my cup of tea this morning, I spill half of it on myself. I suppose maturity, like all things, is relative.

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(My pictures of this project thus far are terribly lit, but here’s a better idea of size and shape. I’m having some serious ruffle problems, but I figure if I keep adding rows, it will work itself out.)