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July 30, 2010, 2:58 pm
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One of my favorite things to do is to settle. Give me any amount  of space, no matter the size, and I’ll fill it to bursting. I am most comfortable in the front seat of a car when my feet are surrounded by bags and my legs covered with papers, cds, and yarn. My suitcases always bulge. My purses tug at my shoulders, and their straps often pull right out of their poor sockets. Even my to-do lists run off the pages. I am, therefore, immensely pleased that my wondrous roommates-to-be have hunted down and  nabbed for us a spacious, sunny apartment with white walls, two (!) kitchen pantries, and rooms upon rooms just waiting to be filled. For years I’ve kept a mental (and, okay, electronic) list of DIY projects for the home. But the stress, exhaustion, and expense of moving have always kept me from my crafty good intentions. On top of which, all my homes have always been decidedly temporary. As a result I have always felt unsettled in the one place I should be settled most. Well no more, my friends, no more. I have every intention of staying put in my new place for as long as it takes to finish my Ph.D. (and I should add, with a bit of fear and wonder, that I now have every intention of finishing my Ph.D. as well. Here’s hoping). I have spent lots of braintime sifting through the internet and envisioning all the glorious hours of knitting, gluing, cutting, carving, thrifting, sanding, and painting to come. I look forward to finally making my house a settled, bursting handmade home.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Projects I am absolutely sold on include:

Book holder from wire hanger, translated from this blog (also doable with a hardcover book, which looks sturdier)

Egg carton fairy lights (I’ll need a non-vegan to help with this one!)

Snowstorm garland

Pom poms and Garland from Dolci Odille

Salvaged drawers-turned-shelves (same idea here)

Rainbow wave blanket

Felted wool dryer balls (also here and here)

Cloud Rugs and a Cloud Lamp

Doily lamp

wine cork trivet and board (also love this bath mat, though I hardly need another bath mat)

Okay, so when it is all laid out in one place like that, I’ll admit that my project list gets a little overwhelming. I am incredibly excited about my new crafty space – which apparently, judging from these pictures, is going to be girly and flowery and shabby-chic and Martha-Stewart-colored – but I’m already nervous about my level of craft-commitment. Especially since over the course of the last two years, I have managed to finish only three DIY projects: an origami crane mobile, a knitted bath mat, and a cardboard tube wall sculpture of which I am quite proud:

I do love the handmade things in my home, and I want more. The biggest challenge? This stuff takes serious time, man. Time I should be spending reading. Or at the gym. Or asleep. How am I going to manage three classes, new TA responsibilities, conference-paper-writing, and a social life, and decorate my house? I guess this will be a slow process. A very slow process. I’m keeping a list (below) of projects that would be interesting, easy, and pretty to look at. This is actually my pared-down list. I am crazy.

– – – – – – – – – – –

Lights: origami balloon lights, flower fairy lights, manila stars, fabric switchplate covers (leethal has a how-to post for paper covers here)

Bowls: Papier-mâché, Doily, cereal box, newspaper,

Things to hang up: vellum paper mobile, paper garland, tissue pom poms and wallflowers

Coasters: felt coasters, woven magazine coasters, modge podge tiles

Headboard Ideas: Mosaic, magazine strip flowers, pixelated paint chips, chalkboard!

For the Walls: pleated flowers, cd wall art that’s comparable to this fake-window mural thing, oval collage, twig mirror (can this really be so easy?), epic yarn art, wood wall art, sewing notions display, framed bulletin board, coffee sack bulletin board,

Salvage: Light bulb vases, Fabric fridge frame, Counter from old books, hankie or t-shirt tissue box cover,

Kitchen: Magnetic spice rack – so convenient, but I’d be terrified my spices would fall down. Copper pot rack, vertical pot rack – I will never have the skills for either of these, but a girl can dream. Chalkboard paint on glass containers – loooove.