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studio one poetry reading
June 10, 2009, 11:49 am
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Thursday night I wandered into a building that I had walked past dozens of times but had never really noticed. The Studio One Art Center, located on the outskirts of Oakland’s Temescal district, looks like any other big beige city building, nothing like the quirky storefronts and offbeat coffee shops and practice spaces-cum-galleries that house most of Oakland’s downtown art. But it does have something wonderful to offer – a monthly poetry reading series that presents local artists in a kind, casual atmosphere. Admission is free but they ask for a small donation (in exchange for red wine or PBR, of course) and maybe that you buy a $3 book or two. 

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mike young

Mike Young writes his sweetly humorous words in a way that makes him sound like he’s off to the side at a party listening very politely to someone he does not know and quietly translating everything into his own associative, nonlinear language. He has a rare knack of stringing beautiful thoughts together while still sounding perfectly sincere. Read his blog here. He’ll be reading around the Bay Area June 11th-13th, definitely go and say hello. 

jake's film

eyes - jg screenshot

Jake Gillespie is a painter and new media artist from Nebraska who now finds himself in the Bay Area. His stop motion films showed several ink and watercolor drawings with lines either emerging from them or piling onto them, evoking sound and movement, growth and withdrawal. Lovely. You can view screenshots here, after the second update. I picked up his dvd, “Almost Almost Almost,” which has two shorts like this and many unlike this. I’m still getting a feel for his oddball humor, but I can say for sure that I love his four-eyed portraits more than I’ve loved any art in a long time.

o' brien

Geoffrey G. O’Brien, a Berkeley faculty member, read several pages of his rhythmic, epic and, in his words, “tyrannical” latest work. Great interview here, via the SORS people.


My loot for the day – a tour-only chapbook, a dvd, and a renewed love of live art.