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the final countdown
May 10, 2010, 3:48 pm
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We all know that priorities are relative. It was not necessary for me to pack the majority of my belongings a full six weeks before my move-out date. Not at all. But once finals season rolled around, it became very, very important to me to have visible, tangible proof that the end of this school year is nigh, and that California is only a matter of days away.

Likewise, it was not necessary for me to make two cowls out of sock yarn. I already have a cowl made out of sock yarn, and while it is lovely, it rarely sees the light of day. There are reasons for this. A sock yarn cowl does not offer the soft squishy yarny goodness of a big bulky scarf. A sock yarn cowl cannot be wrapped around long, frizzy, renegade hair. A sock yarn cowl does not mask a voluptuous bosom.  A sock yarn cowl does not keep your neck warm during freak cold spells, nor dry during freak thunderstorms (speaking of which, Providence-weather-in-May, it has been so nice to make your freakish acquaintance). Moreover, in this neck of the woods, a sock yarn cowl likely comes into being after months of hatred and frustration directed at the yarn in question. Let’s face it – if I really liked the yarn, I probably would have made something else. These cowls served a single purpose, and that purpose was to get this yarn out of my hands.

So. For the record. If the yarn you choose makes you want to light things on fire, and the pattern you choose features two picot edgings that insist upon folding in the wrong direction, you do not have the makings for a good project. But considering all the stress and frustration and ugliness that constitute my academic life at the moment, I’m thinking maybe I just needed some ugly, stressful, frustrating knitted manifestations to exorcise my demons. Tangible proof. I’m all about it.

I will get through the next two weeks, and I will not knit any more ugly frustration cowls, and I will not watch any more ’90s vampire dramas until all of my papers are finished. These are all things I can accomplish. In the meantime, can I please have  this cocoon blanket/armchair combo? Please? I think it would really help me through the next ten days. Or, failing my actual survival of the next ten days, this chair of warmth and wonder would definitely help to hide me from the deadline enforcers. The evil deadline enforcers. With watery eyes.