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getting over, getting out
April 24, 2010, 5:25 pm
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Boxes are packed, furniture is sold. Forget that I still have a month to live here, I am apparently anxious for change. For good measure, I chopped off my hair and quit smoking. I have also been stash-busting like a madwoman, and not just yarn! I have used up almost all the oils, spices and grains in my pantry! I have powered through nail polishes and perfumes! But the yarn-using, that is more fun to look at.

I finished my “bath” mat. It is enormous. I love it. It is so squishy and cushy and purple, and it totally used to be sheets. I can’t believe how fast I finished this – five days of knitting, two seasons of NewsRadio, done. I think that means there must be something wrong with me. We already have a bath mat, and this thing is actually too big to fit anywhere in my room, so it has been put away for now. But, when I pulled it back out for a photoshoot, I ¬†was reminded of its squishy cushy purple wonderfulness and started to consider other uses – maybe after I pack my bed into storage, I can sleep on this thing?

As my other very exciting stash-busting project, I am proud to present my first toe-up socks. The whole time I was working on them, I kept thinking of the scene in “Clueless” where Ty first shows up: “Cher, she is toe-up. Our stock would plummet.” I knit them out of some taupe Crystal Palace Maizy yarn that I bought a billion years ago, and some leftover rainbow colored yarn that I was given at a knitting night back in August. The rainbow yarn was meant to go into my barn-raising quilt, but it just didn’t work. So rainbow striped socks were in order. Toe-up socks are not hard at all! I had to futz with the toes a bit, and I worry about the strength of the heel flap, but this was a great experience. I think the best part was knowing that I had enough yarn to just keep going and going, almost all the way up to my knees. These socks will peek out over my boots! I love that! I think I’m ready to follow a pattern now.

Research? Paper-writing? Well, those will happen eventually, I’m sure. More importantly, I have empty boxes left, and unknit yarn, and stupid tv shows to watch.