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June 5, 2009, 3:57 pm
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I think I’m addicted.

garter rows

To this pattern, to these colors, to the process of building rows of garter stitch. Knitting and knitting and knitting. So calming. 

garter rows

Let’s look at those those rainbow rows again, shall we?

garter close-up

I’m excited to finish my second Silk Kerchief (ravelry link), since I’ve been wearing my first one literally every single day, but I’ll be sad to say goodbye to this project. Luckily, there are lots of lovely patterns in line to keep the garter craze going.

Wool Candy

Next up, though, is my first lace shawl: Laminaria, from the Spring ’08 Knitty, in this gorgeous hand dyed bamboo merino I picked up from Wool Candy’s table at last weekend’s Maker Faire (where they had a sample of this pattern knit in this exact color and oh, I can’t wait to have my own). I guess the colors look a little washed out in this picture, but they are actually cotton-candy mottled and artificial-food-dye bright with a nice bamboo sheen. And in case you weren’t seeing a definite summer color scheme – beige, bright pastels, surging pinks and blues, burnt oranges and yellows – some photographic evidence:


Pastel Patchouli


My other Maker Faire finds: Knitty Dirty Girl’s “Dovely,” a worsted weight blend of baby alpaca, superwash merino, sari silk, and bling. KDG’s “Pastel Patchouli,” thick-thin handspun wool. And Kim-X’s lovely “Beeflowers,” a blend of cashmere, merino and nylon around a wool core. All via Urban Fauna.