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so much to do, so little time
September 21, 2009, 9:55 pm
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After missing the What Cheer? Brigade’s big fall show, the Rise of the Herbivores fundraiser for RIVA (seriously I┬ámissed that?), a night of super short stories at WNWN, and the Titless! fundraiser show, I am actually feeling a little overwhelmed with all the things Providence is offering for me to promptly forget. So in the name of organization and prideful city participation, here’s a list of things I’m excited about in the next few days.


China Mieville is reading tomorrow at the inconvenient hour of 2:30 p.m. I’m really only interested because BW was really insistent upon my reading Perdido Street Station, which I never did. However, because he kept repeating the name over and over, I now feel like I’ve read the book and thus feel a great affinity with this author. Also, the Literary Arts events haven’t let me down yet. (By the way, this super random looking picture is actually one of Mieville’s illustrations.)


On Thursday Sharon Marcus, author of Between Women, gives a lecture on the drama of celebrity…


…which is pretty drastically rivaled by a pinup party at Jerky’s. With Live Burlesque. From someone called Sparkles McTitsy. How can I possibly pay attention to a lecture on Victorian identity when I know I could be watching live burlesque from McTitsy?

BeowulfdigitalflyerWaste Not Want Not presents us with Beowulf, performed by the traveling Baltimore Annex Theater. Bands Ambergris and Barkley Dog will open.


Moliere’s Tartuffe plays Sept. 24-27 and October 1-4. I’ve never read Moliere but he was mentioned in an article I read last week for my new very favorite class, and really that’s good enough for me.


Finally Why? is coming to the Middle East Club in Cambridge on October 1. If I can find someone to take me, I’m going for sure. If I can’t find someone to take me, well, I’ll be weighing the joy, familiarity and comfort of seeing my favorite Oakland band against the anxiety of going to a new city alone and the taxi fare across state lines. Hmm.

I am feeling the beginnings of a cold, so really I’ll be lucky if I make it to ANY of these, but it sure is nice to know that so much is available to me. It turns out that Providence has a lot to offer and would be a really amazing city if I only had time to explore it and embrace it with any sort of devotion.


arts and crafts
September 17, 2009, 6:48 pm
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I dropped in on an art show tonight at Waste Not Want Not, in downtown Providence.

I arrived a fashionable hour late, but only a few people had arrived.

There were, however, cupcakes!

The show, “AS IS,” consisted of work made from found objects and salvaged materials.

The work was done as part of a class at Steelyard, and eight students contributed work.

The show took up only a small corner of the shop, so I wandered around a bit.

Waste Not Want Not is a non-profit thrift store, which also sells the work of independent artists.

This is the yarn corner, a source for Knit and Natter crafters.

The store also has some works perpetually on display, as well as a small open workspace in the back.

AS IS didn’t really pick up, so I walked across the street to my new very favorite shop, Craftland.

Part gallery, part quirky store, Craftland celebrates all things handmade. I’ve been describing this place as an Etsy you can walk around in.

Apparently Craftland began as a holiday craft fair and has only recently evolved into a full-time year-round storefront.

In fact, they’re having a grand opening “hoo-ha, fete, celebration, whatever you call it” tomorrow from 5-9 pm, with music and drinks and prizes and a pinata!

Walking home, I saw these koi fish vases I’ve been eyeing over at…

…and this lovely flower. On a trash can.